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Andina S.A. is a holding company dedicated primarily to the production, distribution  and marketing of Coca-Cola products through operations in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The operations of Andina in Argentina currently cover several provinces, spanning a total of 1.9 million km2, which represents 68% of the Argentine territory and a population of 18 million people, accounting for 41% of the country’s total population.

We developed an Integrated Business Planning Model for Coca-Cola Andina that allows for the rapid generation of the Business Plan, enabling answering critical business questions, such as: What is the marginal contribution per Business Unit? Which is the most profitable production plant? From which distribution center is it more convenient to supply a particular region?

This tool has radically streamlined the planning process, facilitating scenario creation and allowing for budget forecasts to be updated with each scenario change.


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Sephora is a globally renowned retail company and a leader in the beauty industry. It is owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading luxury goods group. Sephora operates approximately 2,300 stores in 33 countries worldwide with over 430 stores across the Americas.


The Panama Canal utilizes a Pricing and Route Competitiveness Model developed by NOVIX to determine the tolls paid by transiting vessels. We continue incorporating improvements and updates to this model based on the needs of the Panama Canal Authority’s experts.

Global Bank


GLOBAL BANK is a 100% Panamanian-owned bank that began its operations in 1994. Originally conceived as a purely corporate bank, it expanded its vision to become a significant player in the financial sector. In 1999, it acquired 100% of the stock of Colabanco, becoming the first banking group.