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Since 2012, we have been providing support to this Portuguese energy holding for all its assets in Brazil: eighteen generation plants, two distribution companies, one transmission company, two retailers and two service companies with presence in eleven states of the Latin American giant.

The planning system implemented for EDP Brazil is used monthly to develop the budget forecast, as well as for long-term analysis. The implementation of this solution solved two major challenges inherent to companies with size like EDP’s: on one hand, the need for a single, robust, agile and accurate system that contains the information of all its subsidiaries and on the other hand, the efficient and accurate financial consolidation of all group companies considering intercompany accounts, shareholdings, eliminations, etc. Thanks to the effectiveness of the developed solution, the tool is also a key pillar for long-term strategic financial decision-making.


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MANZANILLO INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL (MIT) is a container port located east of the Panama Canal entrance in Manzanillo Bay, on the Atlantic Ocean. MIT plays a crucial role in the global cargo handling system due to its strategic location and its involvement in the transportation network of the world’s major shipping lines. This port terminal connects approximately 125 countries through container transshipment operations.


Eurofarma Laboratórios is a Brazilian multinational corporation dedicated to biopharmaceuticals and is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Brazil and Latin America. Eurofarma offers generic, oncology and veterinary medicine products.


Andina S.A. is a prominent holding company specializing in the production, distribution, and marketing of Coca-Cola products across Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. In Argentina, our operations span numerous provinces, covering 68% of the country’s territory and catering to a population of 18 million people. With our Integrated Business Planning Model, we offer swift Business Plan generation, empowering us to address crucial inquiries like marginal contribution, plant profitability, and efficient distribution strategies. This innovative tool has revolutionized our planning process, simplifying scenario creation and ensuring real-time updates for accurate budget forecasts.