Customer Stories:


This hospital in Santiago, Chile, is a high-complexity center belonging to the ACHS healthcare network, a non-profit corporation that provides coverage for workplace accidents to over 2.6 million affiliated workers.

We developed an Integrated Planning Tool to support long-term decision-making. The solution enables hospital authorities to make informed decisions regarding investment plans for hospital beds, infrastructure for Intensive Care Units, operating rooms and more. The use of this tool helps make the right decisions when faced with the challenges of a hospital operating at full capacity.


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We have been accompanying this Spanish giant in the energy sector with solutions for their companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Panama and Mexico. For Naturgy Panama, we created an Integrated Planning and Management Tool that simulates the entire electricity distribution activity. This tool allows for diagnosing and simulating key variables of the business, such as energy losses, CAPEX, tariffs, distribution margin and financial KPIs.

Global Bank


GLOBAL BANK is a 100% Panamanian-owned bank that began its operations in 1994. Originally conceived as a purely corporate bank, it expanded its vision to become a significant player in the financial sector. In 1999, it acquired 100% of the stock of Colabanco, becoming the first banking group.


lpura is the second largest dairy producer in Mexico. With a portfolio of over 200 products, Alpura operates three plants processing 3.0 million liters of milk per day. They have over 150 owned or associated ranches and offer more than 240 SKUs.