Customer Stories


Nestlé is dedicated to food production in the Brazilian market, offering over a dozen product families encompassing more than 1,350 different SKUs.

NOVIX implemented a unique planning module, built upon Nestlé’s existing models and best practices. This module includes forecast adjustment to the Baseline, BIAS analysis, trend analysis and evolution, trade marketing alignment, risk analysis and SKU volume break analysis. The module manages nearly 6,000 series on a weekly basis, updating the Sell-in forecast for the entire Nestlé organization.

The Demand Planning module enabled Nestlé Brazil to improve their demand forecast for their distribution centers, allowing for more accurate planning and inventory management.


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We have been working for the largest natural gas distributor in Latin America since 2006. During this time, we have developed various projects for COMAS. A notable one is the implementation of its Long-Term Planning System. This system allows for consistent, fast and accurate analysis of scenarios, involving demand, investments, costs, tariffs, debt management and more. Since the implementation of this tool, COMGÁS has relied on this system as the main support for the tariff reviews the company has undergone.


Eurofarma Laboratórios is a Brazilian multinational corporation dedicated to biopharmaceuticals and is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Brazil and Latin America. Eurofarma offers generic, oncology and veterinary medicine products.


Ilumno serves over 100 higher education institutions worldwide, including 70 universities in the United States. Ilumno offers best practices and systems to optimize the administrative functions of universities, providing them with high-quality academic resources and cutting-edge procedures.