Customer Stories


Nestlé is dedicated to food production in the Brazilian market, offering over a dozen product families encompassing more than 1,350 different SKUs.

NOVIX implemented a unique planning module, built upon Nestlé’s existing models and best practices. This module includes forecast adjustment to the Baseline, BIAS analysis, trend analysis and evolution, trade marketing alignment, risk analysis and SKU volume break analysis. The module manages nearly 6,000 series on a weekly basis, updating the Sell-in forecast for the entire Nestlé organization.

The Demand Planning module enabled Nestlé Brazil to improve their demand forecast for their distribution centers, allowing for more accurate planning and inventory management.


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The Panama Canal utilizes a Pricing and Route Competitiveness Model developed by NOVIX to determine the tolls paid by transiting vessels. We continue incorporating improvements and updates to this model based on the needs of the Panama Canal Authority’s experts.


This hospital in Santiago, Chile, is a high-complexity center belonging to the ACHS healthcare network, a non-profit corporation that provides coverage for workplace accidents to over 2.6 million affiliated workers.


We have been accompanying this Spanish giant in the energy sector with solutions for their companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Panama and Mexico. For Naturgy Panama, we created an Integrated Planning and Management Tool that simulates the entire electricity distribution activity. This tool allows for diagnosing and simulating key variables of the business, such as energy losses, CAPEX, tariffs, distribution margin and financial KPIs.