We have implemented planning tools in several universities in Latin America that help our clients efficiently coordinate the use of strategic resources, such as classrooms and teachers.

Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our teams to accelerate your institution’s path to Digital Transformation through our technological solutions, such as the application of Artificial Intelligence to identify students with a likelihood of dropout, the use of Machine Learning to improve pricing strategies and the application of Big Data to make digital marketing more efficient.


Accurate forecasting of the number of students enrolling in different courses is crucial due to its impact on multiple critical areas, such as efficient planning of classroom availability, the need for teachers, fee schedules for each program, investment plans, financial policies, among others. We have teams of econometrics and simulation specialists with experience in developing demand estimation studies allowing our clients to make projections with all the scenarios they need for both daily business operations and long-term decision making.


Utilize comprehensive and flexible platforms to transform your budgeting and control activities into processes that provide value beyond administrative functions, turning them into tools to identify opportunities and prevent threats. Our systems support and structure your budgeting process, saving valuable time for analysis based on consistent information for the entire educational institution.


We support educational institutions in improving operational efficiency with teams of specialists with extensive experience in large-scale projects. We use state-of-the-art optimization and simulation tools with the capacity to handle large volumes of data to determine the most efficient utilization of facilities and resources for each institution. Our professionals engage with expert communities to stay up to date with the latest methodologies and algorithms for effectively solving complex problems.


Increasing prices without losing students is the most effective way to increase revenue as it is achieved without additional investments or increased expenses. This is what leading universities do by applying dynamic pricing strategies tailored to each program and the evolution of the academic cycle of students. Our specialists will help you identify opportunities to increase fees and identify segments where competitiveness must be maintained. We perform this work by creating innovative pricing strategies using models that assess the impact on demand and revenue of different fee structures. We have professionals with deep knowledge of pricing theory and extensive experience in developing pricing models for various sectors and markets.


Preventing student dropouts requires powerful tools to leverage all data from the academic and commercial information systems of each university. We apply Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics tools to generate concrete actions aimed at preventing dropouts based on each program and the evolution of the academic cycle of students. Learn about our Comprehensive Tool for Dropout Prevention, which allows you to achieve a substantial reduction in dropout rates compared to traditional tools such as spreadsheet models, isolated database queries, etc.


Integrate all stages of planning into a single platform with sufficient power and robustness to link all variables of your institution and evaluate the impacts of different scenarios on KPIs and Financial Statements. Make consistent and fast strategic decisions, having the right information at the right time.



Ilumno serves over 100 higher education institutions worldwide, including 70 universities in the United States. Ilumno offers best practices and systems to optimize the administrative functions of universities, providing them with high-quality academic resources and cutting-edge procedures.



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