Our experts provide comprehensive solutions in all areas of the Energy Sector: Oil & Gas, LNG, LPG, and Electricity Generation. We combine key sector knowledge with the use of modern computer tools to deploy solutions that integrate all aspects of the business.


For energy companies, accurate demand forecasting is crucial as it impacts critical areas such as efficient planning of sales contracts, investment plans, revenue estimation and financial policies, among others.We have teams of experts in econometrics, Machine Learning, and demand projection modeling with experience in developing demand estimation studies that allow our clients to make projections with all the scenarios that they need for daily business operations as well as for making commercial and strategic decisions in the medium and long term.


Having pricing models linked to supply, demand and relative prices of alternative fuels is essential for energy companies to design sales strategies in the Spot Market or through Contracts. Our experts have extensive experience in designing pricing policies by combining price theory knowledge with comprehensive models that allow for different scenarios to choose the strategy that strikes the best balance between profitability and risk.


Utilize comprehensive and flexible platforms to transform your budgeting and management control activities into processes that provide value beyond administrative functions, turning them into tools to identify opportunities and to assess risks. Implement integrated financial planning tools with the key models of your company: risk, demand, prices, and investments, which will allow you to properly assess the impact of business plans on Financial Statements and projected KPIs. Make strategic decisions consistently and rapidly, having the right information at the right time. Maximize the value of your company and the profitability of your shareholders.


Avoid inefficient use of resources by changing real operational processes without prior evaluation using simulation models. Our experts will help you incorporate powerful and user-friendly tools. We use state-of-the-art optimization and simulation tools with the capability to handle large volumes of data. Our professionals engage with expert communities to stay up to date with the latest methodologies and algorithms for effectively solving complex problems.


Downstream businesses in energy companies often involve product distribution. Our experts, supported by the various tools we have implemented, enable the optimization of distribution logistics by minimizing costs and avoiding sales losses due to stockouts at delivery points. Reduce your stock costs and maximize your revenue by avoiding any lost sales due to logistics issues.



We have been accompanying this Spanish giant in the energy sector with solutions for their companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Panama and Mexico. For Naturgy Panama, we created an Integrated Planning and Management Tool that simulates the entire electricity distribution activity. This tool allows for diagnosing and simulating key variables of the business, such as energy losses, CAPEX, tariffs, distribution margin and financial KPIs.



Since 2012, we have been providing support to this Portuguese energy holding for all its assets in Brazil: eighteen generation plants, two distribution companies, one transmission company, two retailers and two service companies with presence in eleven states of the Latin American giant.



We have been working for the largest natural gas distributor in Latin America since 2006. During this time, we have developed various projects for COMAS. A notable one is the implementation of its Long-Term Planning System. This system allows for consistent, fast and accurate analysis of scenarios, involving demand, investments, costs, tariffs, debt management and more. Since the implementation of this tool, COMGÁS has relied on this system as the main support for the tariff reviews the company has undergone.


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