Companies in the Infrastructure and Public Services sector face the dual challenge of satisfying users while also complying with regulatory requirements from governing bodies. The demands for meeting investment plans, service quality levels, and tariff restrictions compel companies in this sector to operate with maximum efficiency to maintain reasonable profitability.

Demand planning.

Find the right balance of stock levels to meet your customers' demand using our Demand Planning tools, which streamline the work of analysts for the breakdown of sales targets consistently aligned with the objectives of different business areas.

Budgeting Systems

Use comprehensive and flexible platforms to transform your budgeting and control activities into processes with value beyond administrative functions, turning them into tools to identify opportunities and prevent threats.

Simulation and Logistics Modules

Avoid misuse of resources by implementing changes to real operations without prior evaluation using simulation models, turning them into tools to identify opportunities and prevent threats.

Strategies and Pricing Models

Increasing prices without losing customers is the most effective way to boost profits because it is achieved without additional investments or increased expenses. This is what leading companies do by applying dynamic pricing strategies tailored to each customer segment. Our specialists will help you identify opportunities to increase prices and identify segments where competitiveness should be maintained. We perform this work by creating innovative pricing strategies using models that assess the impact on demand and revenue of different pricing structures. We have professionals with profound knowledge of pricing theory and extensive experience in developing pricing models for various sectors, both in competitive and regulated markets.

Integrated Planning Systems

Integrate all stages of planning into a single platform with enough power and robustness to go beyond administrative functions, turning them into tools to identify opportunities and prevent threats.

Simulation and Operations Optimization

We support large companies in improving business operation efficiency with teams of specialists who have extensive experience in large-scale projects. We utilize state-of-the-art optimization and simulation tools with the capability to handle vast volumes of data. Our professionals engage in expert communities to stay up-to-date with the latest methodologies and algorithms to effectively solve complex problems.

Customer stories

customer stories


MANZANILLO INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL (MIT) is a container port located east of the Panama Canal entrance in Manzanillo Bay, on the Atlantic Ocean. MIT plays a crucial role in the global cargo handling system due to its strategic location and its involvement in the transportation network of the world’s major shipping lines. This port terminal connects approximately 125 countries through container transshipment operations.

customer stories


The Panama Canal utilizes a Pricing and Route Competitiveness Model developed by NOVIX to determine the tolls paid by transiting vessels. We continue incorporating improvements and updates to this model based on the needs of the Panama Canal Authority’s experts.


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